Mission Statement

We exit to make disciples who live and love like jesus, who know him, who grow up in him, and who out for him.

The three most important questions any prospective member of a church should ask are:
  • * Why do you exist?
  • * What do you plan on doing?
  • * How will you do your plan?
The first question defines our vision, the second our mission and the third our values. Our vision tells us why Waynesboro Deliverance Evangelistic Church exists at the beginning of the new millennium. It states in clear tones why we are unique. Our mission tells us what we will do to fulfill our vision. Our value system explains how we will operate. It explains the qualities of this ministry. If you take one of these qualities away, we cease to be Waynesboro Deliverance Evangelistic Church. Our value system explains how this ministry will attempt, by the grace of God, to accomplish the Vision and Mission He has given to us.

To glorify God by building a New Testament Church that assists its members and other fundamental churches in the West and around the world in fulfilling the Great Commission.

Exalt the Triune God through lifestyle worship; Edify believers through correct doctrine, discipleship, fellowship, and unity; Evangelize unbelievers through prayer and the proclamation of the Gospel.

   1. Integrity
   2. Teamwork
   3. Brokenness
   4. Accountability
   5. Compassion