WROTW - Women Reaching Out To Women

"A woman may plan her own journey, but the LORD directs her steps."
Proverbs 16:9

BELIEF - believe that God created women as the counterpart of men with specific plan and purpose within the Master's plan. We base our foundation on biblical principles, examples, and illustrations of how God used ordinary women of the bible with various background, skills, and talents, as an intricate part of his strategic plan to accomplish extraordinary results and to bring salvation to the world. We believe that God is still calling women today to help bring about change, encouragement, focus, and success to the lives of individuals, communities and nations. We believe WROTW Ministry, an auxiliary of WDEC, will help women to strive to be all that God had called them to be and to work within the purpose and plan that God has for their lives.

Picture moving butterfly MISSION twinkling Stars WROTW aim to embrace women and help them first, to evaluate themselves and know that God love them and called them to be women of God. WROTW aim is to provide women with the scriptural base tools to help them develop an intimate relationship with God and teach women that everything else is built upon that relationship with God. WROTW will strive to provide a ministry with an atmosphere that will touch the core of women and help them extract and develop talent and skills that God has place within them. We will continue to develop goals and objective that will help women to develop and strengthen their walk with God so they will experience the true power of Salvation.


• Study and demonstrate examples of the role of women in the bible
• Participate in small group activities inside and outside the church setting
• Organize and Plan special bible study units
• Attend women bible study on a regular basis
• Schedule events and activities every quarter
• Engage in activities that foster fellowship with sisters in church
• Plan and implement fun base activities that help develop growth and involvement
• Participate in Prayers sessions and prayer therapy
• Organize trips and activities that will that will help women; gain focus, become encouraged, be refreshed, have fun, relax, evaluate self and experience........whatever


• Lunch POW WOW
• Girl talk
• Drama Night
• Party Hearty
• Meet and greet
• Conferences
• Sistah Fellowships
• Prayer Sessions
• Nature Adventure
• Keeping it Real Talks
• Bad Mama Jama Sessisons
• Travel club
Much Much More…

Come Join us Wednesdays following

• 3rd Sunday at 7:00PM
• 2nd Saturday Mornings at 9:00AM